Communication Architecture

Fabrinet UK's professional services team works closely with clients commercial and technical authorities to address the challenges that face taking conceptual ideas to a commercially viable volume product

Telematics, Communication and Networking OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) rely on densely populated hardware to support wireless monitoring, back planes and plug in cards with ever increasing I/O applications such as GPS, Data Acquisition, DECT phones, Servers, Femtocell Routers and PBX Switches

With many technologies being shared across a variety of high reliability markets and applications, Fabrinet UK's contract manufacturing services are able to support the on-going technology demands within this sector

Our UK location and leading edge capabilities in QTA (quick turn around) of HDI (high density interconnect) assembled products positions Fabrinet UK in the centre of European development for many of the blue chip names associated with communications infrastructure. This allows the design to be firmed up and positioned through the early development cycle to a stable and transferrable solution to one or several of our offshore partners located in Eastern Europe or South East Asia

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