Supply Chain Management

Supply Chains Compete, not Companies

In the fast moving and dynamic business environment in which we operate, effective and efficient supply chain management can have a significant part to play in the overall success of a business. Fabrinet UK is committed to adding value to our customers and to that end works closely with both our supplier partners and customers to form customer focused supply chain solutions which add value to our end customers. At Fabrinet UK we believe that the supply chain is a strategic asset and that through a collaborative approach we can deliver agile and value adding supply chain solutions

With our customers we:

  • Analyse demand patterns, sales forecasts and order requirements
  • Propose and build inventory models which provide, flexibility, delivery on time and risk management
  • Portfolio manage their product range (not just PCBA’s) to provide best fit solutions for lead-time, quality, technology and price
  • Activity manage demand based on forecast data, MRP order book or traditional PO based demand
  • Manage delivery models including SMI/VMI, STS, Consignment, Buffer or order based

With our global CEM and supply chain partners we:

  • Continuously assess the supply base to refresh and challenge our portfolio of suppliers
  • Asses potential new and current suppliers against our strict and robust supplier selection and audit process
  • Manage our chosen supply partners via an active Supplier Relationship Management Program

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