Component Obsolescence

Managing the supply chain is more critical than ever as obsolescence, counterfeit stock and non-compliance risks continue to grow

Would you like an effective product information management solution that enables your business to rapidly launch new product introductions, avoid costly production interruptions, product re-designs, and improve sustainability over life?

Fabrinet UK are able to provide all the information you need to assist you in designing a product that will avoid shortages, provide alternatives for at-risk parts and ensure product longevity from proof of concept through to end of life

  • Obsolescence Reporting
  • Last Time Buy Information
  • Counterfeit Alerting
  • Years to End Of Life Forecasting
  • Form Fit & Function ‘drop-in’ Replacements
  • Identify equivalent parts to meet performance and temperature

Fabrinet’s lifecycle management service Identifies the right components and supply chain partners, whilst avoiding obsolescence, compliance and counterfeit risks enabling engineering and sourcing professionals to identify the best components for their products

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