On Demand CEM Production

We can help when your scheduled CEM capacity is not available or where you cannot afford the risk of missing a delivery deadline


There are occasions where scheduled CEM capacity is not available or where you cannot afford the risk (commercial, contractual or reputational) of missing a delivery deadline. Scenarios where you might need quick access to additional CEM capacity might include requirements for:

  • Bypassing scheduled production due to an urgent demand
  • Guaranteed delivery dates for assembled product
  • Need to recover time lost from incremental design iterations
  • Access additional capacity to guarantee meeting internal deadline
  • Introducing a new product to the market

We believe that Fabrinet UK's On-Demand offer is unique in the UK, offering:

  • Full Turnkey Quotes from 3 days, labour only within 1 day
  • 'On-Demand' fast turn Printed Circuit Board sourcing
  • Dedicated plant and personnel
  • Full 24/7 availability if required
  • Robust technical and fulfilment processes
  • Continuous investment to support leading edge technology (01005 passives and 0.3mm BGA's)
  • Access to high value “Tier One” professional services (advice/insight)
  • Full transparency during quotation and fulfilment cycle

We believe that no other quick turn service can provide such technically advanced products to such demanding timescales

"Fabrinet UK's ability to meet exacting turnaround schedules is a crucial element of the relationship between our two organisations"
Adrian Temple-Brown, IP Wireless

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