Offshore Manufacturing & Low Cost Supply Chain Solutions

Managing an offshore or outsourced supply chain in a low cost geography may on the face of it appear to have never been as straight forward as it is now.  Improvements in travel, communications, technology and the relentless pace of globalisation have been drivers of extended supply chains.  However, while some aspects of managing suppliers in low cost geographies has become simpler, the risks associated with these extended relationships have undoubtedly increased.  The speed of change driven by technology is clearly seen in the behaviour of global financial markets, natural disasters appear more frequent and have greater impact to extended supply chains, currency fluctuations, social and political unrest, increased customs and government compliance, corporate social responsibility and governance and legal requirements are just some of the challenging developments we have seen in recent years

At Fabrinet UK we have over 30 years of extended supply chain management and look beyond just managing the supply base to deliver on time to the required quality level at the right price.  Being part of the Fabrinet family allows Fabrinet UK to support your strategic projects commercially and in volume from its large scale facilities in Thailand. NPI and Technology advancement is supported from the UK and Fabrinet West in Santa Clara, USA. By offering this vast service and capability we are able to provide resilience to disruptions in supply in both the short and medium term ensuring key objectives to delivery and technology continue to be met 

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