Corporate Responsibility

Fabrinet UK is proud to be part of the local communities in which it is based and from which it draws its staff and provides the services required for our clients. We are engaged with the wider world both at corporate level and as individuals recognising that all industrial and chemical processes have an impact on the environment

We aim to ensure there is no harm to people or the environment due to our operations, or through the use of our services. We are committed to meeting our customer and regulatory needs through excellence in all our activities and services provided

Whilst we strive to achieve best practice with our safety, environmental and quality performance we are constantly working to improve still further. Continuous improvement is a key priority in all our efforts

Health - Fabrinet UK recognises that good health is necessary for sustained business development and activities

Safety - underpins every activity undertaken within Fabrinet UK

Quality - Fabrinet UK understands that the quality of our products and services is of paramount importance to our customers

Environmental - Fabrinet UK's environmental vision is clear - we aim to do no harm to the environment

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement - Fabrinet UK is committed to ensuring that all of our business operations are free from involvement with salvery or human trafficking

Should you wish to discuss any of the above policies in more detail, please contact where we will be pleased to help

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